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Energy Transition: ENEDIS and INOCEL Join Forces to Decarbonize ENEDIS Operations

ENEDIS and INOCEL have entered into a partnership aimed at decarbonizing ENEDIS operations. This initiative, officially announced during the Hydrogen Business For Climate forum in Belfort, has the primary objective of reducing the carbon footprint of ENEDIS activities, with a specific focus on zero-emission power generators. This will enable an efficient response to the high-power electricity backup and emergency needs of ENEDIS network customers.

Johann Lejosne, Director of Sales and Partnerships at INOCEL, stated, “INOCEL is proud to collaborate with the electric distribution network manager, ENEDIS, using our innovative and high-performing solutions to address ENEDIS’ long-term decarbonization challenges.”

INOCEL, with its gigafactory located in Belfort, is well-equipped to meet these specific needs. The company is renowned for its expertise in developing high-power fuel cells, perfectly suited for stationary energy generation and mobility, thereby offering a reliable and environmentally-friendly source of energy.

This collaboration aims to design customized solutions to tackle ENEDIS’ large-scale decarbonization challenges. By partnering with INOCEL, a major player in the energy industry in France, ENEDIS strengthens its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and plays a key role in the energy transition in France.

This promising collaboration underscores the purpose of ENEDIS: “To act for an innovative, efficient, and solidarity-based public electricity distribution service. To connect society to the collective challenge of a sustainable world,” all while showcasing INOCEL’s expertise in providing high-power energy solutions.

Expand North Star: INOCEL wins the Supernova Challenge at the in the Mobility & Smart Cities category

INOCEL’s time at the Expand North Star show has been extraordinary, filled with groundbreaking discoveries, invaluable exchanges, and a momentous triumph in the Supernova Challenge’s Mobility and Smart Cities category.

Hosted by GITEX, the Expand North Star provided a unique opportunity for INOCEL to showcase its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the field of mobility and smart cities. It was a gathering of forward-thinking minds and cutting-edge technologies, all united by a common goal.

One of the most exciting highlights of this event was INOCEL’s victory in the Supernova Challenge’s Mobility and Smart Cities category. This achievement is a testament to our team’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation in this rapidly evolving field. It showcases the hard work, dedication, and ingenuity of our talented team here at INOCEL.

INOCEL extends its heartfelt gratitude to International Boost for their warm welcome at the French Pavilion during the Expand North Star. Their support and hospitality added a special touch to our participation, making the experience even more memorable and highlighting the innovation and technologies created in France.

INOCEL Fuel Cell: INOCEL Partners with IFPEN for its Test Campaign

INOCEL and IFP Energies nouvelles have concluded a strategic collaboration agreement for the development of the high-power fuel cell INOCEL Z300.

INOCEL, specialized in the development of high-power fuel cells, and IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN), a major player in research and training in the fields of energy, transport and environment, have signed a strategic collaboration agreement to conduct a testing campaign for the development of the INOCEL Z300 fuel cell system.

High-power facilities for an innovative product

This collaboration represents a crucial milestone in the product’s development and industrialization. INOCEL will benefit from IFPEN’s expertise in guiding technological advancements related to ecological and energy transitions in mobility, accelerating the development of the INOCEL fuel cell.

The partnership will leverage both companies’ skills, expertise, and resources to carry out all necessary tests and studies on the INOCEL Z300 product.

 INOCEL will benefit from in-depth expertise on the entire system, from the stack to the DC/DC. IFPEN’s high-performance analysis tools will enable INOCEL to optimize its product’s performance for use on board vehicles.

taking on a technological challenge together

“We are determined to tackle all challenges that will maximize the performance and reliability of our fuel cell,” stated Marie-Laure Michaux, Technical Director at INOCEL.

Pierre Leduc, in charge of fuel cell developments for mobility at IFPEN, added, “Collaborating with INOCEL is an excellent opportunity to deploy our testing methods, modelling capabilities, and expertise in control and electronics for a highly promising technology. We aim to adapt INOCEL’s innovative product to the constraints of heavy-duty vehicle fuel cell usage, promoting the transition to electric motorization for energy-intensive machinery, less suited for exclusive battery operation.”

This collaboration aligns with a long-term partnership vision, enabling INOCEL and IFPEN to actively contribute to the promotion of clean energies for a more sustainable energy future.

Hydrogen Business For Climate

Hydrogen Business for climate

The Hydrogen Business For Climate Forum is a major transnational event aimed at accelerating the energy transition in France and Europe by highlighting the use of hydrogen as a clean and sustainable energy source. This year, INOCEL participated in it, but this time as a Gold Sponsor.

During the Hydrogen Business For Climate Forum, INOCEL presented its advanced fuel cell system, which will be produced on French soil, specifically in their production facility in Belfort. This technological advancement promised to make a significant contribution to the energy transition by providing a clean and efficient energy source.

For event participants, a unique opportunity awaited them: to attend the Eco/business workshop titled “How to quickly scale up to industrial size?”. This workshop was hosted by Jules Billiet, the CEO of INOCEL, and took place on October 3rd from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM. During this session, participants had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise when a company transitions from the startup phase to large-scale production. Jules Billiet’s insights provided valuable guidance on the strategies and steps necessary for a successful transition to large-scale production.

This workshop was not only informative but also provided a platform for networking and interaction with the INOCEL team. Participants had the opportunity to ask all their questions and obtain information directly from those at the forefront of innovation in the field of hydrogen and fuel cells.

INOCEL’s participation as a Gold Sponsor reflects its commitment to a cleaner and more sustainable future, while also offering participants an invaluable opportunity to become familiar with the latest technological advancements and discuss current and future challenges in the industry.

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