INOCEL offers green solutions built on the base of fuel cell technology in applications with the following characteristics:

  • High energy demand and autonomy

  • Significant ecological footprint: CO2 emissions

  • Technical configuration (mass/volume) allowing efficient integration of fuel cells
Ground transport

Ground transport is a sector that is conducive to the deployment of fuel cell mobility solutions. The fields of special-purpose, construction, agricultural and mining machinery also have strong similarities with similar usage profiles.

With requirements in the 100 to 500 kW range, our product meets the needs and requirements of ground mobility.

Maritime transport

INOCEL offers a hydrogen propulsion chain solution adapted to marine applications to offer better durability. The target for maritime power ranges +120 kW to 2 MW.

The vessels targeted are small and medium-sized ships: taxi or freight passenger boats, fishing boats, leisure boats, yachts, etc.

INOCEL’s solution is also particularly well suited for powering the auxiliary functions onboard ships.


INOCEL’s fuel cell solution is suitable for stationary power generation applications with both intermittent and immediate energy needs. Stationary or off-site power generation applications often require fast start-up and short response times from the power sources.

The intelligent control strategy embedded in INOCEL’s solutions provides the module with increased efficiency and extended autonomy.


INOCEL is developing a solution adapted to “mobile” power generation applications with both intermittent and immediate energy needs.

Proposing state-of-the-art high power and performance technology, INOCEL’s ambition is to accelerate industrial companies’ transition to cleaner energy sources.

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