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high power hydrogen fuel cell

300 kw high power hydrogen fuel cell

Our fuel cell technology reflects our commitment to innovation and is built on 25 years of dedicated research and development efforts by the CEA, a top French research institute. Our fuel cell incorporates cutting-edge innovations protected by 15 patents, that continuously drive the evolution of our technology. These innovations encompass both hardware and software, providing us with precise levels of control over our fuel cell’s performance, efficiency, and durability

Our product consists of key technological components, allowing us to precisely control the electrochemical reaction within the fuel cell, thereby optimizing its reliability and overall performance, positioning our technology at the forefront of the industry.

300 kW Fuel Cell Specifications

specifications hydrogen fuel cell
PEM fuel cell

INOCEL system benefits



At equivalent volume and weight, INOCEL product 3x more powerful than industry standard.

Further enables much smoother integration and dimensioning opportunities

efficiency and durability

Efficiency & Durability

INOCEL systems are designed to be both efficient and durable, and provides strong and market-leading efficiency of up to 60% to convert more energy into useful electric power than any combustion engine.

Our fuel cells have a lifespan at the highest standard of the market, making them cost-effective, reliable, and sustainable, which enables their widespread adoption as a clean energy technology.



The Z300 module can reach its peak power in under 1.5 seconds. It is currently the only PAC system that can serve as the primary source of energy generation, rather than functioning solely as a secondary element in hybrid systems.

As a result, our fuel cell systems require only minimal complementary hybridization, which in turn results in a smaller battery. This reduces costs, as well as the size, weight, and pollution of the system, making the INOCEL fuel system more efficient.



From the outset, the INOCEL fuel cell system is designed for modularity with dedicated software management control to enable power generation of 300 kW to several MW making them scalable and suitable for meeting any power need.

Fuel cell module fully compliant with StasHH industry standards.

embedded software

Embedded Software

INOCEL software developments of an advanced control system further enhance performance, efficiency & durability of our product.

Continuous over-the-air updates improve the product during its lifetime and offer monitoring for predictive maintenance.

INOCEL’s product: Fuel Cell & Auxiliaries

The system surrounding the stack plays a key role in the overall performance of our product. It is a comprehensive system that seamlessly integrates a stack, an air line, a hydrogen line, a duct system, and control elements. This entire system, which is powered by intelligent software, offers unparalleled performance to our customers.

We understand the significance of successfully integrating our fuel cell system into diverse applications to unlock its maximum potential and achieve optimal performance. Our dedicated team works closely with our partners and customers to tailor the integration of our fuel cell system to their specific requirements and objectives.

INOCEL product range


INOCEL Z300 – S product is designed for stationary power generation needs, with key features that include modularity, embedded software, and reactivity. The system’s modularity enables easy customization and adaptation to varying power needs. Its reactivity allows it to reach peak power in under 2 seconds, quickly responding to sudden changes in power demand.


INOCEL Z300 – HD’s is designed to be an ideal fit for heavy-duty applications. Thanks to our product’s reactivity, we are moving toward battery-free heavy-duty mobility. The product matches the constraining requirements associated with heavy electric vehicles. With a higher efficiency of up to 60%, our products convert more energy into useful electric power than any combustion engine. With a high standard lifespan, our fuel cells are reliable to meet the power needs of the transportation industry.


INOCEL Z300 – M is designed specifically for the maritime industry, with a marinized build that can withstand the harsh conditions of the sea. Our fuel cell provides exceptional power for propulsion, ranging from smaller hydrogen boats to bigger passenger vessels.

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