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300 kw high power
fuel cell module

The INOCEL technology basis is a module of 300 kW with the following advantages:


Our module’s unique weight/power/volume ratio is unprecedented. Offering 3 times more power in comparison to market standards, our module is competitive in the 3 key segments targeted.


Our technology aims for an operating time of 20 000h over its lifetime.


Through its modularity, which consists of the parallelization of the module in addition to the software adapted, INOCEL modules can reach from 300 kW up to 3 MW.


Our modules show reduced hydrogen flow, therefore less consumption, thanks to a higher efficiency of 60% with a response time of 1.5 seconds.

Democratizing efficient, high performance fuel cell technology, INOCEL’s ambition is to accelerate industrial companies’ transition to cleaner energy sources and contribute to the decarbonization of our planet.


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