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fuel cell solutions

High power fuel cell solutions

INOCEL designs, manufactures and markets high power, modular fuel cells for stationary, heavy ground mobility, and marine sectors. Its expertise includes the development of fuel cell technologies as well as the integration into a complete system. INOCEL also supports its customers with predictive maintenance, and advanced monitoring and control services.

Located in France, INOCEL has two strategic sites: an R&D center in Grenoble, a hub of innovation and technology, and a Giga factory in Belfort, an important location in the hydrogen industry. The factory will host a production line with state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, capable of producing thousands of units per year.

INOCEL masters the entire value chain of the fuel cell system, from the bipolar plate to the auxiliary components, which gives it a precise knowledge of the components and allows it to control its quality and cost chain.

INOCEL also participates in the development of future industry standards to stay one step ahead in the development of tomorrow’s products and services.

Key facts

+ 80
Built on 25 Years
of research
2 sites: R&D & Production site

Our vision: hydrogen solutions will decarbonize the world

We are currently experiencing climate change and global warming due to CO2 emissions. In this context, it is important to gradually replace fossil fuels with renewable energies.

Renewable energies are often intermittent or variable, which can have drawbacks, especially when it comes to balancing electricity supply and consumer demand. Therefore, it is necessary to store this intermittent energy to prevent it from going to waste.

Several promising solutions are emerging, including hydrogen as an energy carrier, which is an important link in the chain of decarbonized energies for the future.

Our mission: Be the enabler of the hydrogen vector

Our mission is to unleash the potential of hydrogen through compact, high-powered fuel cell solutions for a brighter sustainable future. Our passion for innovation drives us to constantly seek new and improved ways to harness the potential of this amazing element and will help us pave the way to a cleaner, more efficient energy future.

With a focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technologies, we are proud to help limit global warming to + 1.5°C above pre-industrial temperatures and to be at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell solutions.

Our team

Our team consists of experts in the fields of research, industry, and adventure, with a common goal of accelerating the transition to more sustainable energy sources. We are committed to supporting industry in their journey towards cleaner energy sources through the use of advanced proton exchange membrane hydrogen fuel cell (PEM) technology in the stationary applications, heavy on-road and off-road mobility, and marine applications sectors. Additionally, we offer engineering and maintenance services, powered by intelligent integrated software systems, to ensure long-term solutions that will power the future of our planet.

Inocel team

Our commitment

At INOCEL, we specialize in providing cutting-edge products and solutions based on our expertise, technologies, and portfolio of patents in the high-power PEM fuel cells industry.

Our commitment to our clients is to add value to their businesses and help them attain their objectives. This is founded on our core values of manufacturing expertise, quality control in process and performance, and leadership in innovation.

To ensure our clients’ satisfaction, INOCEL manages the entire manufacturing process, product deliveries, and supply chain, including customer/supplier relationships, by applying quality assurance systems that are “fit for purpose.”

INOCEL implements certifications and quality management systems that cater to its applications in stationary energy, heavy and maritime mobility.

Our unwavering focus on improvement drives us to develop processes aimed at continuously enhancing our performance for the utmost satisfaction of our clients.

We are dedicated to developing, implementing, maintaining, and verifying quality management processes, raising employee awareness of customer requirements, and fostering a quality culture throughout the organization.

Looking for a job?

Are you passionate about contributing to a more sustainable future? Do you want to play a role in the  the decarbonization of our planet? INOCEL is looking for talented individuals to join our team and help us unleash the potential of hydrogen with compact high-power fuel cells. As a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of hydrogen fuel cell solutions and contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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