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INOCEL announces its 300 kW High Power Z300 Fuel Cell

INOCEL 300 kw high power hydrogen fuel cell

Grenoble, November 30, 2022 – After two years of research and development, INOCEL announces its first commercial product, a 300 kW fuel cell adapted for stationary, marine, heavy ground mobility, and applications. This will be the first fuel cell of such power to be commercially available by 2024. With its technology, INOCEL promises high power, compactness, modularity, efficiency, and responsiveness.

INOCEL is accelerating the energy transition by democratizing high power and efficient fuel cell technologies with the ambition of contributing to the decarbonization of the planet. INOCEL believes it has a role to play in the hydrogen industry with a proposed solution that will rapidly make a difference in multiple segments. There are some use cases in heavy mobility and stationary applications where technical barriers still persist today. For this reason, INOCEL worked on a technology to overcome these challenges and to have a rapid and large-scale impact on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Built on the foundation of 25 years of R&D by the CEA, a top French research institute, 30 engineers and researchers have worked for the past two years on the development of the INOCEL technology: A high power solution made for stationary, marine, and heavy ground mobility segments, which all require power, efficiency, and durability.

The four differentiating features of the Z300 Fuel Cell:
– A compactness to power ratio, i.e. power for a given weight and volume 3 times greater than the market standard. Indeed, the INOCEL fuel cell delivers a power of 300 kW for a weight of 100 kg and a volume of less than 110 liters.
– Modularity: this fuel cell can be integrated into systems with power ranging from 300 kW to 3 MW. Our 3MW system is packaged in a standard size container, which makes it a compact solution.
– A level of energy efficiency reaching up to 60% with durability to the best market standard. This allows the INOCEL module to be competitive in terms of operating costs over the entire life of the product.
– A very high responsiveness, with a rise to full power in less than 1.5 seconds. Thus, the INOCEL fuel cell can be integrated in applications requiring very low hybridization of systems, resulting in smaller batteries, limiting mass and size.

INOCEL will present its first marine demonstrator during the Paris Boat Show at the Parc des Exposants de la Porte de Versailles in Hall 1 at booth F50. With equivalent power and autonomy characteristics to its thermal counterpart, this demonstrator helps INOCEL prove that a high-powered, long-range hydrogen world is possible without any concession to thermal technologies.

INOCEL is a company based in the Grenoble region that designs, manufactures, and markets high power, modular fuel cells for the stationary, marine and heavy ground mobility sectors. Its expertise includes the development of fuel cell technologies as well as the integration and dimensioning of a complete energy chain. INOCEL also supports its customers with predictive maintenance, monitoring and advanced control services.

INOCEL masters the entire value chain of the fuel cell system, from the bipolar plate to the auxiliary components, which gives it a detailed knowledge of the components and allows it to control its quality and cost chain.

INOCEL also participates in the development of future industry standards to stay ahead of the development of tomorrow’s products and services.
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