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Mobility TV

On May 12, “Mobility TV” will host an insightful episode featuring prominent experts in the field of hydrogen energy. Among the esteemed guests are Johann Lejosne, Head of Sales and Parnerships of INOCEL, and Véronique WISS, the Commissioner of the Hydrogen for Climate Business Forum. They will be joined by Brunot Jamet, who is spearheading the Energy and Propulsion Program at the Future Vehicle Cluster in Belfort. Adding to the depth of discussion, Mikaa MERED, a well-regarded lecturer, author, and analyst specializing in the markets, diplomacy, and geopolitics of hydrogen, will share his valuable insights. This lineup promises a comprehensive exploration of the latest developments and challenges in the world of hydrogen energy.

The focus of the program will primarily revolve around the Hydrogen for Climate Business Forum held in Belfort, where INOCEL is a gold sponsor. Discussions will delve into the mission and technology of INOCEL, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing hydrogen energy solutions. Additionally, the program will address general topics concerning hydrogen as an energy vector, emphasizing its growing significance in the global energy landscape. The panel will also shed light on the international dimensions of hydrogen energy, exploring its geopolitical implications and the potential it holds in driving a sustainable energy future globally. This episode of “Mobility TV” is poised to offer valuable perspectives for anyone interested in the evolving role of hydrogen in our energy ecosystem.

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